Special projects

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Special projects
Our product development department is fully capable of creating unique packages tailored to our customers’ requirements. We have extensive experience in the development of new products as well as modifying existing products!
We offer a solution based on the customer’s idea of how the final packaging should appear. We can develop a completely new and unique packaging design as well as adapting the functionality of an existing package to the client’s requirements. We can recommend the appropriate materials to use along with an economical and flexible production.
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You can find here the catalogue of our products and components which are available to all our customers.


  • 01 Special project
  • 02 Special project
  • 03 Special project
  • 04 Special project
  • 05 Special project
  • 06 Special project
  • 07 Special project
  • 08 Special project
  • 09 Special set
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