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We hope that the following questions & answers written by our sales people, DTP studio and manufacturing engineers will help you order faster and more efficiently as well as understand our manufacturing process better. If you cannot find an answer to a question that you might have, please submit your question to us using the “Need help?” form in the bottom right part of this page.

What exactly is “Direct Metal Mastering” and “Lacquer Mastering“?
I already had my recording mastered.

What is the most suitable format of source audio for cutting in GZ?

Do you offer a “flat cut”?
I mean a cut without any changes to the sound of my master.

Do you include an audio mastering service in standard price quotes?

What (pre-)mastering processes are included in the price quote for a regular order?

Is it possible to order a loud cut resulting in really hot records?
Do you offer loud mastering?

What changes and corrections will be made to my audio master in GZ?
Are there any differences in audio processing between a standard cut and a loud cut?

Should I send my audio files maximized to 0 dBFS?
What about the dynamic range of my audio recordings planned for a vinyl release?

Why don't my records sound as loud as my CD master?
Our vinyl records seem to be several dB quieter than the CD version. Why is that?

What are the main differences between 33&1/3rpm and 45rpm records?

Why did you recommend 45 rpm for my record, when 33 & 1/3 rpm has been ordered?

Is it possible to space the grooves apart?

Does the distance between the grooves restrict bass frequencies?

How does the playback time (per side) affect the volume, groove spacing, general audio quality and playability?

What about the stability of the stylus in the groove?
For example: being rough with it on a scratching/juggling level as the stylus wobbles a lot and if the grooves are too close each other, it jumps easier...

Is there any preference in music genre for the cutting process, i.e. drum'n'bass or classical?

What about analogue tapes? Are you able to work with them?
Do you offer all-analogue cutting?

What types of analogue tapes do you accept?

What calibration signals should be used on our analogue tapes?

Is it possible to engrave or scribe something into the dead space of the lead out groove?

What are the main differences between processing DMM plates and processing lacquers?

What types of vinyl records do you offer?

What colors can GZ use for vinyl records?

What is the quantity and production tolerance?

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the labels?

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the covers / inserts?