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GZ Media is the world´s largest producer of vinyl records and one of the most complete print & packaging companies in Europe. GZ pressed our first vinyl record in 1951.

Throughout the years, we have transformed our team´s passion for music into experience and intellect which allow artists and record companies to deliver a perfect sound to music lovers all over the world. The production of vinyl records at GZ is a perfect combination of history, experience and advanced technologies which have created a modern customer-oriented company. Vinyl records deliver a richer sound than that of digital carriers and GZ brings another dimension of richness –  a wide portfolio of vinyl records and packaging which make it possible for the artists and labels to market their work in a truly creative way.

GZ in snapshot

  • 1 432 - number of  GZ employees
  • 10 500 000 - vinyl records pressed in 2013
  • 42 000 - number of records pressed - in one day 28.2.2014
  • almost 14 000 000 - vinyl records pressed in 2014
  • 53 000 - number of records pressed in one day - 30.4.2015
  • roughly 65 000 vinyl records per day - spring 2016

Why choose GZ

We are big enough to face the real challenges … At the same time we are flexible enough to provide individual attention.

Some of the major benefits in choosing GZ Vinyl include the following:

  • Complex solution for our customers! One partner for the entire production process
  • Proven time and cost savings
  • Professional expertise in the printing and packaging industry
  • Focus on production with high added value
  • Fast and flexible service with a non-stop production: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Financial stability
  • High level, top of the line customer service – contacting us is easy!
  • A modern logistics center in the heart of Europe
  • GZ is the largest manufacturer of vinyl records in the world and a leader in media packaging
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • We are ISO 14001:2004 certified
  • Additional FSC® certification

Customer service

Flexibility is the main characteristics of GZ customer service. We have learnt to understand our customers´ processes, the way they operate and their language. We have adapted our service to each type of customer´s needs – from small record labels to big majors - to make them feel comfortable working with GZ. Our account managers speak English, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Czech, all languages needed to provide to subsidiaries of global customers local service from global supplier. We work like this with customers in 42 countries all around the globe.


GZ Media, a.s. is based on more than 50 years of tradition of Gramofonové závody (Gramophone record factory) and from its establishment in 1999 the company has been constantly expanding its range of products and services.

With the support of American capital and under Czech management GZ has developed into a modern business which has a worldwide position among the most important companies in its field. CD and DVD replication, vinyl record production, a wealth of experience in polygraphic production and the very best in customer services are all aspects of the GZ service which are appreciated by thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

1948 - The company was founded
The company was founded
1951 - First record pressed
First record pressed
1961 - First stereo record
First stereo record
1972 - First music cassette produced
First music cassette produced
1985 - First use DMM technology
First use DMM technology
1988 - First CD produced
First CD produced
2001 - First DVD produced
First DVD produced
2007  - Shaped record
Shaped record
2009 - Multimedia hard cover book production began
Multimedia hard cover book production began
2010 - New unique Vinyl mastering
New unique Vinyl mastering
2012 - Production of 7.5 mil records per year
Production of 7.5 mil records per year
2014 - Production of 14.0 mil. records per year
Production of 14.0 mil. records per year
2014/15 - New prototype of vinyl press machine
New prototype of vinyl press machine
2015 - Production of 18.0 mil. records per year
Production of 18.0 mil. records per year
2016 - GZ Media celebrates 65 years
GZ Media celebrates 65 years