Outer sleeves

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Outer sleeves
The outer sleeve (or jacket) is the main outer packaging for your vinyl record – once the record is inserted into an inner sleeve (or discobag,) you can then insert it into an outer sleeve.
We offer a wide range of outer sleeves printed on white/grey, white/white or white/brown carton.
The 2 most common types of outer sleeves are standard outer sleeves or gatefolds.
A gatefold can be produced to either hold 2 records (1 in each pocket) or just 1 record (usually in the right pocket) with the left pocket glued shut.


Outer sleeve: 280gsm white / grey cardboard + 4/0 CMYK print + print gloss varnish
Gatefold: 350gsm white/white carton + 4/0 CMYK print + print gloss varnish


Outer sleeve: 300gsm (350gsm)  white/white cardboard, 4/0 CMYK, gloss or matt varnish, shrink wrap


Many possibilities of outer sleeve and gatefold material – ECO, rigid, reverse side printing as well as a wide range of print finish options such as gloss or matt lamination, UV varnish, hot foiling, embossing, spot UV varnish, PMS printing.  Shrink wrap.

You can find here the catalogue of our products and components which are available to all our customers.


  • 01 Outer sleeve
  • 02 Outer sleeve
  • 03 Outer sleeve
  • 04 Outer sleeve
  • 05 Outer sleeve with gold hot foil
  • 06 Universal Outer sleeve
  • 07 Gatefold
  • 08 Gatefold
  • 09 Gatefold
  • 10 Gatefold
  • 11 Gatefold
  • 12 Gatefold with booklet
  • 13 Gatefold with gold pantone
  • 14 Gatefold
  • 15 Gatefold from special material
  • 16 Triple Gatefold
  • 17 Special cover
  • 18 Special cover
  • 19 Special cover
  • 20 Special cover
  • 21 Special cover
  • 22 Special cover
  • 23 Special pop-up gatefold
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