Coloured Vinyl

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Coloured Vinyl
GZ media offers 20 standard colours for Coloured vinyl – 6 transparent colours and 14 solid colours. The colour of the records is based according to the manufacturer’s samples

We are also capable of making special colours in accordance with a Pantone colour reference. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match but we create a colour that is as close as possible to your chosen colour. Some colours are only possible to make in either transparent or solid versions, please ask for advice when choosing a colour.

The quality of coloured records, especially those made from solid colours, may have worse acoustic properties when compared to standard black records. The main problem is an increased amount of hiss especially in the lead-in and lead-out grooves. Transparent records have better sound quality than solid records.

We offer 12" format as standard weight (140g with ±10g) or heavy weight (180g with ±10g). For 12” format is possible only small center Hole.
140g or 180g
Playing time
For 10“ format is possible only standard weight (110g ±10g) and small center hole.
Playing time
We offer 7" format vinyl as standard weight (42g with ±7g) or heavy weight (70g with ±7g). You can choose either a small or large (jukebox style) central hole for 7" format vinyl. Please note that a large central hole is not available for 70g heavy weight 7" vinyl.
42g or 70g
Playing time
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  • 01 Test pressing
  • 02 Test pressing
  • 03 Test pressing
  • 04 Mix colored records
  • 05 Mix colored records
  • 06 Mix colored records
  • 07 Colored record
  • 08 Colored record
  • 09 Colored record
  • 10 Colored record
  • 11 Colored record
  • 12 Colored record
  • 13 Colored record
  • 14 Colored record
  • 15 Colored record
  • 16 Colored record
  • 17 Colored record
  • 18 Colored record
  • 19 Colored record
  • 20 Colored record
  • 21 Colored record
  • 22 Colored record
  • 23 Colored record
  • 24 Colored record
  • 25 Colored record
  • 26 Black record pressing
  • 27 Black record pressing
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