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Inner sleeves & discobags

The most basic protection that a vinyl record requires is at least a paper or plastic inner sleeve – these are the sleeves that your records are inserted into before being inserted into the outer sleeve (cover).
The most basic inner sleeve is a plain white (or black) paper inner sleeve with a cutout to view the label.


Inner sleeves

On the market, there is a large number of various types of standard inner sleeves available, ranging from paper to plastic.  The most record-friendly types of sleeves are those which are either poly-lined or laminated on the inside, these prevent the dust from getting into the sleeve and hence keep the record protected.

Inner sleeves can also be printed either in grayscale/black and white (1/0 K) or full colour (4/0 CMYK).

If you are just looking for a cheap solution – our microtone plastic inner bags (with 2 holes) are the most budget protection for your vinyl records.
If you are looking for top of the line protection, we highly recommend our poly-lined inner sleeves, which are white or black paper sleeves with a poly lined inner surface. Poly-lined inner sleeves help reduce static and protect your records from getting scratched. Poly-lined inner bags are only available in 12” size.
GZ also offers a CLEAR PLASTIC OVER BAGS which fit over the outer sleeves, protecting the entire package from getting scuffed or damaged.
We also offer 12” or 7” PVC DELUXE BAGS with or without flap or a standard clear plastic bag for all sized (12“/10“ /7") records.

GZ recommendation
GZ PREMIUM INNER SLEEVE - Inner lamination helps to protect your record from scratches. 


Disobags are similar to an inner sleeve, but are made from the same material as an outer sleeve, making them more durable. DIscobags are produced on white/white carton and do not require an inner sleeve.
Standard discobags can be printed full colour (4/0 CMYK) or 1 or 2 Pantone col. (1/0 or 2/0) with a standard machine gloss finish. We also offer universal (unprinted) plain white or black discobags.

Disobags are available for all formats/sizes of vinyl.

Plastic sleeves

Clear plastic sleeve

Looks nicer/thicker than a microtene bag - can be used as an inner sleeve or a protective cover for a picture disc, for example.

PVC bags

Thick PVC material - cannot be inserted into a standard outer sleeve or gatefold. Recommended for picture discs.



Clear plastic material – fits over an outer sleeve or gatefold - highly recommended for protecting the outer cover of your vinyl.

You can find here the catalogue of our products and components which are available to all our customers.


  • 01 Microtone plastic inner bag
  • 02 Printed inner sleeve
  • 03 Printed inner sleeve
  • 04 Discobag
  • 05 Discobag
  • 06 Universal Discobag
  • 07 Poly-lined inner bag black
  • 08 Poly-lined inner bag white
  • 09 Clear thin plastic sleeve
  • 10 Thick PVC bag with a flap
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