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GZ is one of the best vinyl production and full service printing facilities in the world. We offer the most complex solution of vinyl manufacturing, printing and packaging.

From the moment that your order is placed to delivery of the final product, GZ has a highly experienced team of professionals behind each production. All in 1 place – under 1 roof – all in GZ.


Our engineers have developed unique vinyl mastering software to control the most advanced Neumann cutting lathes ever produced.

Metal Work

Our skilled and experienced plating team prepares top-class nickel stampers for record pressing - also from all kinds of supplied parts.


We produce our own 100% virgin vinyl compound which allows us to press high quality vinyl records (using both manual and automatic presses) with the widest range of pressing options – various record sizes, colors and shapes. Our 24/7 (non-stop) production can manufacture up to 50.000 records per day.


We are the world leader in vinyl packaging options with our own packaging design team. All in house - printing and assembling – from our design studio to the completed product.