Jak doručit komponenty pro kompletaci

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Dear customer,

In case you or third party supply any component to GZ for assembly, please see rules below which will help us to identify quickly  your  package with components and prevent possible delay in assembly.

Each package has to contain:
1/ delivery note with qty and part number + identification for which order this package is
2/ information about contact person (name of your GZ account manager)
3/ in case of supplied stickers or other printed parts each package should have 1 original of the printed part/sticker  applied from the outside (as on picture below), there should be also information visible from outside of package: qty, catalogue number, possible internal GZ order ID (if known)   
4/ in case that multiple printed parts are delivered in one package, we require that each kind of them is packed within its own box/package with information from point 3

Information above will help us to quickly and correctly identify your supplied printed parts or other components and store them to our warehouse, so they can be ready for assembly on time.

All components without requested information might cause:
• delay in assembly of your product as we might not identify them on time
• risk that we do not identify components correctly and might use them for different production order   

Thank you for your cooperation.