Regardless of the size of your production, GZ can offer you an extensive solution for all your additional printing needs. We have the technology and experience to offer you pretty much any kind of “extra” printed product that you may need – everything from posters to download cards and booklets to stickers or foldover covers, we can offer you a complete, 1-stop solution – everything produced all under 1 roof, all at GZ Media.


Posters or inserts are printed on gloss or matt art paper
Inserts are 300x300mm in size.
Posters are in A3 / A4 size.

The inserts can also be placed in a poly bag and be used as cover artwork for your record if you do not want to order an outer sleeve.

Posters can printed either on 1 side or both sides; they are folded and placed separately into one pocket of a gatefold or together with the record in a standard outer sleeve.


You can choose either 150gsm coated art paper or 140gsm uncoated offset paper. The most standard booklet is for a 12” (LP) format and is includes from 4 up to 20+ pages. Booklets can be printed either in grayscale/black and white or full colour. The binding can be either stapled (V1) or thread sewn.  If you wish to order a booklet with more than 20 pages, please consult a GZ representative to ask if the booklet will still fit into your required outer sleeve.


We can print and apply stickers directly to your vinyl packaging (usually on the outside of shrinkwrap or plastic overbags). GZ offers a huge range of stickers printed in all different sizes – all stickers can be, of course, printed in grayscale/black and white as well as full colour.



Foldovers are like 1 big piece of unglued carton printed (either on 1 or on both sides – both in grayscale or full colour) and then folded in half.  Your record is then inserted into the middle of the fold. Foldovers can be manufactured for all record formats (7”/ 10” /12”).



Download cards are very common nowadays for people who wish to offer a digital version of the recording available for downloading after purchasing the physical album. GZ offers a wide variety of different types of digital download cards to fit your individual needs and budget. From full colour deluxe plastic  download cards to simple black and white download coupons, we can provide a quality card to suit your needs.

Please note that GZ does not offer the actual download service (we only print the codes)– this will be something that you need to arrange yourself.

You can find here the catalogue of our products and components which are available to all our customers.


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